My name is Karel Demeersseman and in 2019 I created Online Board Game Deals, a resource which helps board gamers find the best board game deals on Amazon.

As an avid board gamer myself, I have spent countless hours on Amazon checking board game prices and searching for good deals.

There are tons of great discounts on board games every day on Amazon, but I found that Amazon makes it extremely hard to find those games. Also listed discounts on Amazon can be extremely misleading so I thought, man this could be better!

The Facebook Group

So then I decided to start a Facebook Group called Online Board Game Deals.

In this group, I post board games that are on sale on Amazon. For each game I check price history. This makes sure all games posted on there are actual deals. That’s my job.

Then it’s up to the group members to let all other board gamers know their thoughts on the games and help other people make an informed decision. That’s what the group is all about. If that appeals to you, then definitely go check it out here.

The Website

The group alone however, was not enough since it’s not really an easy way to get a good overview off all the latest deals right now.

So then I decided to create a website as well to feature all the latest deals. I also added board game mechanisms, BGG score, BGG weight, play time and player counts to each game.

This makes it a lot more easy to filter out the games you might want tot look further into. 

That's it!

So, that’s the story of Oline Board Game Deals so far. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always hit me up. Fill in the contact form or simply shoot me a message on Facebook. Anyway, let’s score some deals now! 😉